• 2010 - Established the Jamaican Children's Fund for Technology (JCFT) in partnership with Canada's Rogers Communication, IBM Canada and Sandals Resorts Foundation, installing computer labs and IT infrastructure for high schools in Jamaica.


  • 2014 - The Devon Colbert McGregor Scholarship was established, honouring the academic achievements of students at Victoria College (University of Toronto), in Math and Science.


  • 2001 - Became an innovator of the "Boutique Gym Concept by cofounding Balance Personal Training, Fitness & Rehabilitation Inc., fulfilling a mission of seamlessly merging health care and fitness.


  • 2013 - Became a certified student instructor in Foundation Training. "There's not a more effective movement modality that strengthens our posterior chain, improves upon our joint and muscular stabilization or moves us out of back pain.