Doctor’s Orders

By Devon McGregor and Laura Davidson

Athletes love and swear by their Sports Supplements. No wonder they’ve become such a big money maker. “We all know the nutrition industry is competitive”, says TDF Sports co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, TJ Galiardi, an NHL forward. “It generates $150 billion annually for a reason”.

The two most important things to know about the Sports Supplement industry is that not all products are created equal, and not all brands are ethical. Like coffee, and beauty products, Nutritional Supplements are paving a similar path to earn your respect and secure your loyalty.

The growth is driven by several factors: The increase in obesity rates, particularly in North America; The explosion in the Fitness Industry; Government Health Guidelines advising us to eat “primarily plant-based foods”, our awareness of the importance of healthy eating, and; rapid growth of Urbanization. Startups such as TDF Sports (The Doctors Formula), a plant-based supplements company for athletes and by athletes, are positioning themselves to be a part of that growth and the choices we make. “Darren and I are here to disrupt the business as usual attitude of the industry“, says TJ.

Proudly NSF Certified.

Proudly NSF Certified.

Why TDF Sports? TJ and his business partner/mentor, Dr. Darren Burke, created NSF Certifified, TDF Sports to be the first ever sustainable nutrition company. They, “didn’t want to be a part of another standard supplement company making whey protein and collagen powders”.

TDF Sports is niche, focused on sports nutrition because its founders, through experiences, have understood the nutritional challenges that hamper sports, training and athletic performance. “I always take what I learned from my years in the NHL into any business decisions I am involved in”, says TJ. “This was no exception.”

Go Deeper: TDF Sports gets to boast that it has created the world’s first Zero Waste Pod, which in essence takes fresh produce and turns it into long shelf life powders that go into its formulations. This proprietary process allows them to engineer pro-biotic, and digestive enzymes into its products, allowing us to metabolize them easier. You won’t find that in your typical whey protein solutions.

TDF Sports Has One Eye on Social Responsibility: “Our corporate mission is to make as big of a social impact as we possibly can, our goal is to be the Tom’s of Sports Nutrition”, says Galiardi. Their products are marketed to males and females equally. The partnership with the CWHL (Canadian Women’s Hockey League), and others show the younger generations how to be great role models.

The Big Picture: “We are growing at a rapid pace, forging new partnerships and showing that it is possible to run a business in a sustainable way that historically has never happened before”, says TJ. “I’ve learned that optimizing your nutrition can take your game to new levels and is a necessity in todays world of sports”.

Insights from Devon: We have one body and one life. More than ever, we need to pay closer attention to what we are putting into our bodies and how the foods and supplements we consume are aiding in our overall health, or not. As strange as this reads, the so-called health and nutrition industries aren’t always looking out for our wellbeing. That responsibility will always be left up to each individual. The social consciousness that some organizations are bringing to their production process is something that we all need to examine with more care. I respect those who do, even if it affects their overall margins.

During the nearly thirty years that I’ve had the pleasure of serving people in the Fitness Industry, I’ve been approached by numerous brands to endorse or promote their products, services and apparel. I’ve learned, reluctantly, that I’m an influencer. I have a responsibility to say no far more than I say yes. In fact, I rarely say yes, turning down numerous brands that many of you know and love. And, especially Sports Supplements. I believe that TDF Sports and its limited, concise offerings are making ethical choices. I know TJ Galiardi personally, as I’ve had the privilege of working with him when he was still playing in the League. I share his values.

Insights from Laura: Although I am not an athlete on a professional level, I consider myself to be what I like to call a life athlete. I push myself both in and out of the gym and constantly strive for self-improvement with all that I do. Even though it has only been a few years since I began commanding control of my health, both internally through proper food and nutrition, as well as externally through exercise, I have become extremely vigilant with what I consume and more so with where my food comes from. What has become even more clear to me, is the deception that can occur within most health and wellness brands, and the products they market as “healthy”. I am constantly on the hunt for the best of the best in what can sometimes feel like a very convoluted industry. The more I learn about brands like TDF Sports, the more I feel inspired by, and genuinely thankful for, people like TJ Galiardi, who are taking the time and conscious effort to produce sustainable, high quality products available for the masses. I have recently adopted the TDF Sports brand into my daily routine and feel at ease consuming products of this caliber on a daily basis. It is with my highest regard that I recommend TDF Sports products for the everyday life athlete and professionals alike.

Where to Buy: TDF Sports can be purchased directly from their website or in store at GNC retailers.

Promotional Offerings: The team at TDF Sports has been kind enough to provide a 20% off code for purchases through their website. Use code LAURA20 when shopping at TDF Sports.

Additionally, TDF Sports has their Real Energy Promo on from Feb 28-Mar 27 @ GNC Stores: Buy any TDF Sports product or GNC Fish Oil, and receive 50% off TDF Sports Real Energy supplement.

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