Foundation Training Interview

In may, 2014, I had the privilege of being interviewed for the Foundation Training Newsletter, answering questions about my business and personal practices, motivations, perceived trends, and why I'm such a proponent of Foundation Training. Please read the transcript below:

Instructor Spotlight: Devon McGregor

There are currently over 250 certified Foundation Training Instructors, and counting. What unites them all is a passion to help their clients feel better, get out of pain and live their best life. We will occasionally highlight an Instructor who is making a big impact in their community and helping us reach our goal of improving 10,000,000 lives. This month, we spotlight Devon McGregor, Founder of Balance, who is using Foundation Training to help transform his client's lives in Toronto, Canada.

Q: What is special about your Health Club, Balance?
A: Just as "symptoms-based" health care has been the norm in Western medicine, "symptoms-based" fitness programs have dominated our industry. In both, the focus of practitioners has been limited to fixing only the evident symptoms rather than on correcting the root causes of the presenting problem. We deliberately migrated away from the conventional fitness model so that we could provide "integration-based" fitness. Balance is based on our belief in the foundational four pillars of Health, Knowledge, Strength and Joy. The outstanding professionals who work with us and deliver the services which help our clients achieve the four pillars in their lives, share our commitment to integration-based fitness and are at the heart of our success.

Q: What motivated you to become a personal trainer?
 I truly wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of people through improving their health. I felt a calling to lead and to teach, so prepared myself to do something I thought would be valuable. I wanted to show people how, with small shifts in their daily behaviours and thoughts, they could fulfill their aspirations to be the best they could be. Even from a fairly early age I recognized that I had good, basic intuition about human movement and I then I learned that people trusted me as a leader. Now I am compelled to help motivated individuals understand precision of movement so they can put that understanding into practice - and reap the benefits of moving well.

Q: Why did you decide to teach Foundation Training?
 I am obsessed with the theory that all movements are really a part of a greater progression, and that everything must be built upon a firm foundation. I believe that no movement should be viewed or attempted in isolation because it defies how the body really works - and leads to injury, pain and problems. Harmony in movement is not only more beautiful to the eye, but it is also safer for the body. Foundation Training provided me The Universal Accessory that had been missing in my Progression Theory.

Q: What are your thoughts on current trends in health care, fitness and/or wellness?
 I'll focus on one main issue: I am thrilled to know that we - those who view posture not as a static position but as a dynamic action precipitating PROPER MOVEMENT, are now speaking confidently, clearly and loudly! We have a very important message to deliver because we can save people from injury and pain. It is a perfect start to greater health, fitness and wellness. At last, our message is entering the mainstream - which is great news for everyone who pays attention. It isn't a fad. It is an underlying principle of fitness and health.

Learn more about Devon and Balance health club here.

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