Building a Foundation in Soho

Every now and then, you might have an experience that is so profound, it leaves you with so many things to say, yet, also completely speechless. During those extraordinary moments, all that you can do is smile.

Even now, a day removed from the controlled environment on Broadway that was our training environment for four days, both my mind and body are still fatigued. Yet, there is also a sense of exhilaration. I can not get my mind to shut down as I continuously think about the potential of and the applications for Foundation Training. I’ve already expressed to a few people today that what I really need is the ability to upload to a computer, all of the thoughts and emotions that I have in my mind. At a later date, I would sort through it all so that I can make sense of it. As things stand, I will need several weeks to deconstruct and then rebuild all of this information.

You will love Foundation Training if:
1. You are open to the idea that being better, healthier, fitter, stronger, or more flexible does not have to involve a Spinning Bike, Yoga Studio, kettle bell, barbell, dumbbell, or anything more than a piece of real estate that is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide
2. That all you need to perform a resistance training exercise is your own body weight. And, here is the one that might be hardest to accept;
3. That pretty much everything that you thought you knew about training is riddled with holes, or at best, incomplete.

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